Personal development is the only thing. What we must understand is that yes we will make $1 Million trading, yes we will be a Chairman, but not in the version we are today. This means we have to grow in to the kind of person who DESERVES to achieve these goals. Use the tools below as a starting point on your PD journey.

1. The Strangest Secret

Take 19 minutes to listen to a master visionary, Earl Nightingale, question the system we live in. Heavy notes required.

2. Leadership

There are 5 levels of leadership, identify where you are and what you need in order to level up, with John C. Maxwell.

3. Go Pro

Understand what it takes to really Go Pro, from industry legend Eric Worre.

4. Network Marketing

From the legend himself, Jim Rohn.

5. 21st Century Business

Learn from the author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" about important aspects of business in this generation.

6. Expand Your Mind

Let a master of development Holton Buggs challenge your beliefs & your work ethic.

7. The 90-Day Gameplan

Let's launch your business, with Eric Worre.

8. Simplifying Objections

Learn how to handle any objection with a simple strategy, with Eric Worre.

9. Personal Power

Tap in to the 10 keys to personal power, with Brian Tracy.

10. two-Month Mental Shift

Dive in to Tai Lopez's 67 Steps program. It takes dedication and commitment to finish all 67, but once you do... your life will never be the same I can promise you that. Get the zip file from the link below, unzip it, put it in your iPod, do one each day and take notes! Notes are a physical manifestation of our hard work!